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The Steve Power Sessions (2): Blue sounds in the “Live Music Capital of the World”

by JOSEP PEDRO Based in Austin since 2003, Steve Power is a widely experienced musician whose extensive trajectory spans over more than forty years, including intense periods in different states and countries both… Continue reading

Woody Russell: Musical Communication

By JOSEP PEDRO A gifted composer and guitarist capable of successfully embodying contemporary blues and soul within the singer-songwriter figure, Woody Russell is one of the most inspiring and interesting musicians I met… Continue reading

Lenguaje y práctica musical en las jam sessions: domingos de blues en Madrid

Texto: JOSEP PEDRO Diapositivas de la comunicación presentada en las jornadas Comunitats Sonores: Punts en Diàleg organizadas por la Jove Associació de Musicologia y la ESMUC, y celebradas entre el 18 y 20… Continue reading