Soul Man Sam: the singer, the song and the stage

JOSEP PEDRO Born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1948, Soul Man Sam is one of the most talented and beloved blues, soul and R&B artists in Austin, Texas. Having developed his singing abilities as… Continue reading

Miss Lavelle White: The Magic of a Living Legend

JOSEP PEDRO Born in Mississippi in 1929, Miss Lavelle White stands out as one of the most veteran and accomplished living music legends in Austin, Texas and the United States. She has been… Continue reading

Chano Domínguez: 40 años sobre los escenarios

Texto: ISABEL LLANO CAMACHO El gran Chano Domínguez celebra este año cuarenta años de carrera profesional. Con motivo de este aniversario nos ha concedido una entrevista en la que hemos recordado sus inicios… Continue reading