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Miss Lavelle White: The Magic of a Living Legend

JOSEP PEDRO Born in Mississippi in 1929, Miss Lavelle White stands out as one of the most veteran and accomplished living music legends in Austin, Texas and the United States. She has been… Continue reading

El blues de Víctor Puertas

Texto: JOSEP PEDRO Asociado a diversos proyectos en torno al blues y la música afroamericana (Suitcase Brothers; Victor Puertas & The Mellow Tones; Cool Grinders; Koko-Jean & The Tonics, etc.), Victor Puertas es… Continue reading

The Steve Power Sessions (3): cultural and racial dialogues within blues appropriation

by JOSEP PEDRO Based in Austin since 2003, Steve Power is a widely experienced musician whose extensive trajectory spans over more than forty years, including intense periods in different states and countries both… Continue reading